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Decoding urban identity

In Episode 1, we learnt that thinking about cities as having DNA can help us all to participate in really important conversations about what makes each city so unique. This time, our fantastic panel of urban experts tell us what ​ingredients they would look for in the genetic code of a city and we are introduced to the idea that all places share certain qualities as they go through the process of urbanisation. Listen below or subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Listen to the debate here: 


We wish to thank Prof Michele Acuto, Associate Prof Ellie Cosgrave, Dr Jaana Remes, Prof Pete Tyler and Geerte Udo for sharing their insights with us in this episode. If you'd like to find out more, you can read our full interviews with them by clicking below:

Prof Michele Acuto

Melbourne Centre for Cities

University of Melbourne

A/Prof Ellie Cosgrave

University College London


Dr Jaana Remes

McKinsey Global Institute

Prof Pete Tyler

University of Cambridge

Geerte Udo


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