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The DNA of Cities Podcast

We know that there are over 10,000 cities in the world. We also know that there is something unique about every city. But what is it that makes each city feel, move, look and act so differently? In this podcast, Professor Greg Clark CBE and Caitlin Morrissey bring together over 70 inspirational leaders from the worlds of urban history, politics, art, architecture and more to decode The DNA of Cities. 


Episode 20: The DNA of Tel Aviv - Part I

We discover that there are two genetic structures that make up the city-region of Tel Aviv.


Episode 17: The DNA of London - Part II

We discover the myths and ideas about what makes a Londoner, and how Londoners make London.


Episode 14: The DNA of Glasgow - Part I

We discover the DNA of this ambitious, entrepreneurial and people-centred city.


Episode 11: The DNA of Barcelona - Part II

We hear why Barcelona is the place for life’s great ventures and that the greatest creation is the city itself.


Episode 19: The DNA of Philadelphia - Part II

We learn about Philadelphia's mindsets, values, inventions, leaders and responses to shocks.


Episode 16: The DNA of London - Part I

Many cities compete with London in lots of areas, but very few compete in everything, why is that?


Episode 13: The DNA of Vienna - Part II

From coffee culture to citizen services, we discover the things that distinguish Vienna from all other cities.


Episode 10: The DNA of Barcelona - Part I

We decode The DNA of Barcelona with experts who have spent years unearthing what makes it so unique.


Episode 18: The DNA of Philadelphia - Part I

We discover the long history of the city that made America and we hear what defines the city today.


Episode 15: The DNA of Glasgow - Part II

We find out what it means to be a Glaswegian and we search for the city's greatest inventions.


Episode 12: The DNA of Vienna - Part I

Waltz with us along the banks of the Danube and beyond to discover DNA of this glorious city.


Episode 9: The DNA of New York - Part II

We ask how many New Yorks are there? What does the city mean to different people?

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