Our work on The DNA of Cities is informed by peer-reviewed academic research and inspired by case studies that showcase how The DNA of Cities is being applied around the world. We regularly update this collection with newly published research and media coverage. 


Peer Reviewed Articles



Discussion Paper

Urban Futures, Past and Present

[Open Access] Austin Zeiderman and Katherine Dawson reflect on how we imagine the future of cities.


Book Chapter

The Science of Urbanization and the Open City

[Restricted Access] Richard Sennett, Ricky Burdett, Saskia Sassen and Joan Clos explore the ingredients that produce good urbanisation.


Peer Reviewed Article

Editorial: Evolutionary Economic Geography – Theoretical and Empirical Progress

[Restricted Access] Dieter Kogler summarises recent work by economic geographers to consider the role of history in contemporary societies and economies.


Peer Reviewed Article

Towards a Developmental Turn in Evolutionary Economic Geography?

[Restricted Access] Ron Martin and Peter Sunley build on their earlier work on evolutionary economic geography.


Case Studies




The DNA of a City

Ian Ennis, Director of Capital Programmes at the Sydney Living Museum, convenes a conversation on The DNA of Sydney.


News Article

Why build like Singapore?

Architects debate the need for locally responsive urban design in Indian cities at IIA NATCON-2016, a conference hosted by the Karnataka Chapter of the Indian Institute of Architects.


News Article

Atlanta City Councilman: Music production is part of Atlanta’s DNA

Atlanta Councilman Kwanza Hall rejects proposals for new noise ordinances on music studios, arguing that music is in the DNA of Atlanta.


News Article

100% Brisbane: 100 people answer the question of what's in the city's DNA

Over 100 people take part in a Museum of Brisbane exhibition which asks “What is the DNA of Brisbane?”