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The DNA of Cities is a global and collaborative effort convened by Professor Greg Clark CBE and Caitlin Morrissey. We wish to thank more than 70 contributors who generously shared their time and expertise with us. This project would not be possible without these conversations.

Greg Clark

Professor Greg Clark CBE

My love affair with cities began growing up in London and living in Mexico City and New York once I was free to roam.


During 30 years as a global advisor, working with OECD, Brookings Institution and Urban Land Institute, I've visited 300 cities, written 10 books and 100 reports on urbanisation and leadership. 

One question I've always asked myself is why does every city smell different?

Caitlin Morrissey

Caitlin Morrissey

I am a graduate researcher at the University of Manchester and the University of Melbourne. My work is underpinned by my curiosity about how and where big decisions about the future of cities are made, and what and who informs them.


My research on place, identity and governance has helped inform long-term urban strategies. I hold degrees from King’s College London and University College London and I have studied at the University of Toronto.

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