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How do cities acquire traits?

In this episode, we want to find out where cities get their traits from. Our group of experts tell us about the forces and events that they believe cause cities to accumulate their unique DNA. This conversation is packed with stories about how real cities are endowed with, inherit and acquire their traits. We also confront the question of DNA in new cities and the risk of attempts to 'copy' or 'clone' successful traits from one city to an entirely new urban context. Listen below or subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

Listen to the debate here: 


We wish to thank Abha Joshi-Ghani, Professor Edgar Pieterse, Professor Michele Acuto, Professor Ricky Burdett CBE, Dr Karissa Sanbonmatsu, Dr Shi Nan, Alice Charles and Dr Alfonso Vergara for sharing their insights with us in this episode. If you'd like to find out more, you can read our full interviews with them by clicking below:

Abha Joshi-Ghani

The World Bank

Prof Edgar Pieterse

African Centre for Cities
University of Cape Town

Prof Michele Acuto

Melbourne Centre for Cities

University of Melbourne

Prof Ricky Burdett CBE

LSE Cities
London School of Economics

Dr Karissa Sanbonmatsu

Los Alamos National Laboratory

Dr Shi Nan

Urban Planning Society of China

Alice Charles


Dr Alfonso Vergara

Fundación Metropoli 

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