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The DNA of Istanbul

The DNA of Cities podcast is now embarking on a global voyage of discovery to decode the DNA of 12 cities.

We begin with a fascinating conversation about The DNA of Istanbul. This is the city of three names. The holy city of world religions. The global city that straddles two continents. The city that has been the focal point of vast imperial networks; a former capital that has, rather remarkably, outlived the collapse of more than one empire. Listen below or subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Spotify.

© Anna Berndik

Listen to The DNA of Istanbul - Part I here: 

Listen to The DNA of Istanbul - Part II here: 


We wish to thank Professor Ali Akay, Berkan Özyer, Associate Professor Eda Yücesoy, Associate Professor Ozdemir Sonmez, Avi Alkaş and Murat Belge for sharing their insights with us in this episode. If you'd like to find out more, you can read our full interviews with them by clicking below:

Prof Ali Akay

Mimar Sinan Fine Arts University

A/Prof Ozdemir Sonmez

Istanbul Ticaret University

Avi Alkaş

Alkaş Consulting

Murat Belge

Istanbul Bilgi University

Iletisim Publishing House

A/Prof Eda Yücesoy

Istanbul Technical University

Berkan Özyer

Istanbul Planning Agency

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