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The DNA of Singapore

The second city on our voyage of discovery is Singapore: the little red dot that tells one of the world's most unusual and successful examples of modern nation building. Its independence in 1965 unleashed five decades of innovation that have resulted in an unforeseeable transformation. We learn about the program of rapid problem-solving that was pursued by Singapore's visionary founding decision-makers and the vulnerabilities they were forced to mitigate. This evolution is well-documented but listen below or subscribe on Apple Podcasts or Spotify to discover fresh perspectives about what is in The DNA of Singapore that has enabled this remarkable journey.  

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Listen to The DNA of Singapore - Part I here: 

Listen to The DNA of Singapore - Part II here: 


We wish to thank Professor Cheong Koon Hean, Dr Liu Thai Ker, Professor Khoo Teng Chye and Professor Kishore Mahbubani for sharing their insights with us in this episode. We are extremely grateful to this group of experts who have been enormously influential in shaping Singapore in many ways over their careers. If you'd like to find out more, you can read our full interviews with them by clicking below:

Prof Cheong Koon Hean

Singapore University of Technology and Design

Dr Liu Thai Ker

Morrow Architects & Planners

Prof Khoo Teng Chye

National University of Singapore

Prof Kishore Mahbubani

National University of Singapore

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